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    On May 1st, the Students are Calling for Action!

    We are the #StudentStrike2019, a organization of students from the Pacific Northwest Youth Liberation Front network, on May 1st we are calling for a general student strike to protest for a better future for our generation. We are calling for national school walkouts and student organized marches/rallies, for more information on our call to action and to get organized for May 1st, go to Studentstrike.xyz.

    Why strike?

    We live in a country that everyday is growing in its authoritarian, xenophobic and corrupt practices, the presidential administration has waged war on asylum seeking migrant families, for the past year we’ve been watching ICE and CBP cage groups of migrants for weeks on end in horrific conditions because they committed the crime of seeking refuge, and now there are threats of completely closing the border.

    We live in a country where students have to wonder if what was once called their “safe learning environment” will get shot up one day and they become the next national tragedy, we also live in a country where our government doesn’t care enough to go through the necessary steps to prevent these tragedies.

    We live in a country where we value profit over everything, including our own planet, the threat of climate change has been here, we can already see its affects in actions, we’ve known what’s needed to combat it for a long time now, sadly the people with the most power to make big changes won’t do what’s necessary, until it’s profitable.

    We live in a country where most students are incapable of getting what they need from school due to the outdated “one size fits all” education system, this system has been proven to be a failure time and time again, yet it’s the only system the government will fund on a mass scale. Students deserve a differentiated learning system that can prepare the next generation for life after school.

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