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    Call for a Week of Action around January 20, 2019: Building Survival Programs, Self-Defense, and Mutual Aid to Meet the Crisis of Capitalism

    Two years ago, anarchists took the streets to open Trump’s presidency with a powerful act of defiance. January 20, 2017 was supposed to represent the dawn of a new authoritarian nationalism; instead, it marked the beginning of a new era of resistance. The actions around the US on J20 helped to catalyze a wave of direct action that prevented Trump from immediately implementing his agenda.

    A year later, in response to the ensuing repression, we called for a nationwide day of solidarity on January 20, 2018 to support those facing charges and expand our capacity in the face of escalating far-right violence. Now, with the J20 charges dropped, we can focus on building capacity for the future. We’d like to see a nationwide week of action around January 20, 2019 to show that attempts to crush us only make us stronger.

    This is a call to expand our movement and connect with everyone else who is being policed, automated, evicted, and displaced to the margins. The Great Recession never ended; despite “our” rulers trumpeting the success of the economy, most of us are working longer hours for less money, as everything from the gig economy to artificial intelligence renders us obsolete. Police, borders, and prisons kill, divide, and confine as hurricanes and wildfires rage outside our windows. Yet all of these crises offer us the opportunity to connect with others to create a better world.

    We are calling for a week of action starting on the weekend of January 20 to promote survival programs, mutual aid initiatives, and other projects that meet the crisis of capitalism head on.

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