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  • Sat

    February 1st: Vaughn Prison Uprising Anniversary Day of Solidarity and Liberation

    We’re coming up on the anniversary of the Vaughn prison uprising in Smyrna, Delaware, which took place on February 1st, 2017. Now, three years later and the trials for the Vaughn 17 are over, with only 2 convictions, the remaining defendants exonerated, and two now home! One comrade has departed our world (Rest in Power Kelly Gibbs). But the work is not over until EVERY ONE is free.

    To commemorate the Vaughn 17 collective, we started a website: www.vaughn17.com. All their writing and art will be posted there.

    While the state may conspire to divide them, the love for self-liberation is stronger than distance and bars. In the words of Jarreau “Ruk” Ayers:

    “I would rather acknowledge my plight, no matter how painful that truth may be that consciously engage in positive actions that affect systematic change to those conditions, rather than embrace an illusion that the fight isn’t already upon me and simply suffer on my knees in silence.

    I would never! Ever! Implore that belief system on anyone!!!

    Peace and Solidarity”

    Join us for 17 days for the Vaughn 17 and commit to a day of solidarity. Obviously we cannot tell you what liberation looks like, but Dwayne “BIM” Staats (Believing in Myself) has some suggestions for solidarity actions:

    • Drop a banner
    • Host a food drive and feed your community
    • Get out on the streets like Malcolm X and talk to people about it
    • Organize a mini march

    We encourage you to get creative and do it your own style. If you and your comrades do something (and it’s okay to publicly share), be sure to capture the moment and send in a photo or summary and tag @freevaughn17 on Instagram and Twitter.

    – Coalition to Free the Vaughn17

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