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  • Tue

    fare strike update/plan/announcment

    3:00 pmCity hall
    SEPTA, along with all of this country's sorely lacking public transit, is paid for with the tax dollars of the American people. then, after taking our money, they have the balls to charge us for the "privilege" of getting to work, visiting out friends and whatever the hell else people want to do that isn't in walking distance.
    The goal of this action, along with being a strike against the injustice faced in daily life under capitalism and showing support for similar actions taking place across the world, is to demonstrate what we are capable of when acting collectively. A life free from coercion is possible. The first step is acting like we're already there, even if only for a day. Public transit should be free, so we're taking it upon ourselves to make that true.
    hop, swipe your homies, hold the emergency door, do whatever whenever where ever as long as no one pays
    City hall, 3 PM 12/24/19